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This is a pretty special blog post for me to write – and definitely the hardest one yet. Why? Well, do you see that man? That’s my built-in best friend, adventure buddy, and my favorite enemy growning up. That man… he is a rock and loves his people hardcore. He’s always up for climbing mountains […]

Luke & Megan :: Watertown Wisconsin Fall Wedding

September 25, 2019

July 1, 2019

Washington :: Part I :: Personal

Towards the beginning of June, Matthew and I took a trip out to visit my parents in Washington State. While we were only there a week, we managed to pack a LOT into those days. Our first full day was spent climbing Mount Quartzite. Half of the reason I love this hike, is because it […]

Let me just say, it was a good thing my pal and second shooter, Hannah, realized that Montana was in a different time zone than Washington! We both woke up ready to go, and then realized that we needed to leave an hour before we had thought. Everything was ready to go though, so we […]

Caleb & Maddie :: Mountain Wedding in Missoula, Montana

June 17, 2019

May 30, 2019

Exploring Omaha :: Anniversary Trip

For our anniversary, we decided to make a day of it and go to several of the places we had heard about in Omaha. We live quite close, only an hour away, but other than random Target trips, we hadn’t done much site seeing. There’s a few places left on our checklist, and I’m sure […]

It’s been over a year since I went to Africa for an internship at a children’s home. This place holds so much of my heart and trying to express how much I love it there and how much I learned there still isn’t completely possible. I was in South Africa for two months and the […]

South Africa :: 2017 Travel

April 5, 2019

June 8, 2018

Montego Bay :: Travel

Let me just say, I was NOT expecting to go anywhere international for our honeymoon. I just assumed we would go camping, hiking, or something along those lines. To tell the truth, it was supposed to be a surprise, but a certain someone was a bit too excited about the deal that he had gotten […]

Now that it’s around 2 years since I got back from Europe, I’m going to finish my last post about Europe. This is the post where I throw in a few more “real camera” pictures, but after that I will share the pictures that show more of the moments and the people I hope to […]

Germany to Holland :: Europe Tour :: Part 3

October 5, 2017

February 2, 2017

Germany :: Europe Tour :: Part 2

Okay, So when I left off, We were floating down the Rhine River…I think. This river was INCREDIBLE. Castles galore and such cute little towns situated in a straight line. This was due to the rocky hills that go steeply down into the river, not allowing much room for the towns to grow anywhere but […]

In the small town I grew up in, we happen to be blessed with an enormous amount of fabulous scenery. This fact could not make the local photographers any happier. Plus, when there’s a fresh layer of snow on the ground and the makings of a gorgeous sunset, it’s hard to not want to take […]

Fresh Snow in Washington :: Travel

January 9, 2017

December 17, 2016

Bridges & Frostbite :: Iowa Winter

“But it’s freezing outside!” Laura looked at me like I was crazy. I didn’t worry too much. Crazy was a word I was familiar with. I could have cared less that it was less than 10 degrees outside. “It’ll be quick, promise!” And so we went. “Take me anywhere that’s pretty,” I told her and […]