I'm Anna brace

You'll find this out eventually, but binge watching NCIS is my jam. In fact, our dog, Ziva, is even named after one of the characters. I drink more coffee than water and sometimes I trade real lunch for cookie dough. Mornings are usually slow and I love to start every day with a cup of coffee and my Bible.

I live in Harlan, Iowa. I photograph weddings all over the world for laid back, adventurous brides who love hard and laugh a lot. My husband, Matthew, and I live on a farm - country life is one of my favorite things. Right now, we have two cats and 10 cows, and you already met Ziva.

I have a serious addiction to TJ Maxx and Home Goods and in my spare time you can probably find me doing DIY home projects. 

I called Washington State home for my entire life...but then I attended college smack dab in the middle of this fly-over state and met a nice farm boy.

After a couple years, he offered me his last name and we sealed the deal 2 years ago.

Hey Y'all!

Matthew is my one-and only. I can't thank Jesus enough for making this man my best friend, confidant, and the one who can always make me laugh or smile.

We were good friends before we were anything else and it's been a treasure to go from his friend, to his girlfriend, fiance, and now.... his wife. Trust me when I say, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life - and one that should be treasured in every possible way. 

I want your photographs to bring tears to your eyes years later the way mine do. I want your eyes to crinkle up as you laugh about how the ring bearer wouldn't go down the aisle. I want you to gasp when you see the tears in your daddy's eyes - the tears you didn't see till looking through your photographs.

I get it. I get your spur-of-the-moment kisses, your tears... all of it. Matthew changed the way that I view photography and I am so grateful to him for it. I don't have words to describe how I feel about my person.

I also know love can't be explained...which is why I want to photograph your special day. So you can look back and remember how it felt, even though you can't explain it.

Wedding photographs should tell a story. From the quiet moments getting ready with your girls, to the deep joy when you walk back down that aisle holding your brand new husband’s hand. These are the photos you want to show your grandchildren in 50 years - photos that capture you and your soulmate and your love for each other. This is my philosophy and my goal while capturing your wedding day.

I believe that:

As a Washington native born next to the ocean and by the mountains, I love hiking, being outside, and exploring anywhere and everywhere.

My perfect day would include trying a new coffee shop, hitting up TJ Maxx, and then cuddling up in a fuzzy blanket to watch some NCIS. 

Traveling has become almost an addiction to me. I've been to 5+ countries and in Europe three times. My favorite travel location is either South Africa, or Germany.

Cows have always been my favorite animal. I love their fuzzy noses and soft ears. I think its fun to play my guitar in the field. They always come around to listen and watch.

Breakfast is my love language. 
I love fresh bread, cinnamon rolls... really anything, as long as its not too good for you.

my top


santorini, greece


banff, canada


Yellowstone national park


bora bora


Travel  Wish List

These are places that I've always wanted to visit. Below are the locations where I will shoot for cost of expenses only, just because I'm dying to go there. Contact me and let's get planning!

South Africa


glacier national park





Black sands beach, mn

Granted  Wishes

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