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You’ve just gotten engaged and started the planning process of your wedding. But where do you even start? How do you know which wedding planner to use?

These wedding planners in Omaha, NE will, undoubtedly, offer you the most incredible experience you’ve ever dreamed of, as well as making wedding planning so easy for you! Each of these wedding planners knows exactly how to execute your dream wedding plans.

Kimmy Ann Events

Kimmy is the exact kind of person you want to be in your corner throughout the wedding planning process and on your day. Her kind, sweet personality always makes brides feel at ease. Kimmy Ann Events comes alongside brides on their wedding day and takes care of all the details so that the bride – and her family- cant truly live in the moment.

Brides have said that they can’t imagine their wedding day without Kimmy. She makes dreams come true and makes it possible to enjoy the wedding planning process! With her offerings of design, coordination, styling, and project management, she creates a one-of-a-kind experience for each wedding.

Rachel J. Events

Rachel has been specializing in wedding planning in Omaha for years! Rachel and her team’s favorite parts of wedding days are bringing each bride’s vision to fruition and creating a stress-free wedding day. Building lifelong relationships is a highlight – and they always love getting Christmas cards, baby announcements, and thank you cards in the mail.

Bride’s say that hiring Rachel to plan their wedding was hands down the best decision they made on their wedding day. If you’re interested someone who has an unending event rental inventory and beautiful wedding planning ideas, Rachel J. Events are the Omaha wedding planners for you.

402 Events

Based off of the area code in Omaha, 402 Events started when Steven, the owner, was young. He would help his uncle set up lighting events at Christmas – and after years of helping and planning parties of his own, he dove in headfirst in 2016 and started 402 Events.

Now, 402 has grown to having over 20 team members – and they’ve become a staple wedding planner in Omaha. Making weddings be stress free while transforming a space into your dream wedding location is what they love. And trust me – they plan and execute a killer wedding day. I’ve seen it firsthand.

So, whether you’re planning a gorgeous intimate backyard wedding, or a big party with your friends – 402 Events can help you have a stress-free, laid back wedding – where you get to focus on your family and your Love, while they execute everything.

Elle Seals Events

Trust me when I say, if you’re looking for a wedding planner who will pour their heart and soul into your wedding, look no further than Elle Seals Events. With a background in studio art, graphics design, and floral and interior design, Elle Seals Events can help you with wedding planning – as well as take care of all your floral needs – they’re the best!

Every luxury wedding needs a planner who can do it all – and trust me, Elle Seals is where it’s at.

Unfolding Weddings (Formerly Lolly & Co.)

Gabi, the owner of Unfolding Weddings, comes alongside couples to create meaningful and memorable moments for not only the bride and groom, but also their guests. Brides have commented that Gabi is the hype women they all need and that she becomes like family by the end of the wedding day.

Unfolded Weddings has been a wedding planner in Omaha for the last 8 years and always LOVES finding unique ways to help tell the story of a couple – meeting everyone where they’re at and helping create a cohesive design for your day through wedding planning and coordination.

Lovestruck Events

The Lovestruck sister duo has been planning weddings in the Omaha area since 2011. Candace and Lindsay are two sides of the same coin. Between Candace’s perfectionism and Lindsay’s efficiency, your wedding will give you, and your guests, the most incredible experience.

Lovestruck approaches wedding planning with a curiosity that is driven by you, your love story, and what your priorities are. Getting to know each couple is an essential part of the wedding planning process for Candace ad Lindsay. They focus not only on how your day looks, but how your day FEELS.

Interested in a seamless wedding planning experience? Lovestruck Events are the Omaha NE wedding planners for you.

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