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Rocky Mountain National Park | 2022

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Day 1 was spent at Evergreen Lake and driving around the Lookout Mountain area. We – of course – also stopped at Beau Jo’s on our way through Golden!

Day 2 – We did the “Four Lakes Loop” hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, but we added Mills Lake and The Loch – so it really was six lakes.

It was a GORGEOUS 11 miles, but it was exhausting since we were hiking through about 1 foot of snow the whole time. Stunning, nonetheless though!

Day 3 – We took it easy this day – due to having hiked 11 miles the day before. We drove the Trail Ridge Road *which was beautiful!* with a stop at the Contenental Divide. Then we stopped at Aluvial Fan before heading off on the Cub Lake Trail, where we saw lots of Elk! We were tired, so when it started raining, we turned around and never made it to Cub Lake.

Day 4 – We spent this day exploring Gem Lake. This lake is completely filled with rainwater, and is one of very few lakes that has no inlet or outlet. Then we lake hopped and finished out our day seeing a Moose at Sprague Lake!

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