Iowa State University Engagement Photos // Josh + Haley

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Fall is a magical time of year, especially on a college campus like Iowa State University. The crisp air and the changing leaves all come together to create a special ambiance that is perfect for capturing moments of love and happiness. And that’s exactly what Haley and Josh did during their engagement session at ISU this past fall.

Haley and Josh are a couple who truly appreciate the classic and vintage aesthetic, so it was only fitting that they chose Iowa State University, with its historic buildings and beautiful campus, as the backdrop for their engagement photos. Haley looked absolutely stunning in an argyle skirt that hinted at the vibes of their wedding day.

But perhaps the most stunning part of their engagement session was the ring that Josh gave Haley. It was an antique piece that they had found together, and it perfectly represented their shared love for Art Deco and all things classic. The ring sparkled in the autumn sunlight, adding an extra touch of elegance to their already picturesque photos.

I feel honored to have been a part of Haley and Josh’s engagement session at Iowa State University. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and beautiful moments that will be cherished for years to come. I have no doubt that their wedding will be just as magical and romantic as their engagement session.

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