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How to Choose a Getting Ready Location

There’s so many decisions to make during wedding planning and it can be so overwhelming! Something you might not have thought through yet is how your getting ready area could affect your getting ready experience! These days, you’re no longer nailed down to the back room of a church, or even your venue’s getting ready room!

Top Tips for selecting a good getting ready space

Windows and lots of natural light! This is probably the most important key to making your getting ready space perfect for your photographer, makeup artist, and hair dresser. The less light, the darker your photos could end up being and the less the makeup artists and hair dressers will be able to see.

Light, bright walls. What do the walls look like? Light, bright walls, make for great, neutral backgrounds! Likewise, colorful walls probably will not look neutral and will stand out in the background of your photos.

Lots of space. This is also an important area to think through. Some venue’s have amazing getting ready rooms, but some are dark and small – not even leaving room for all your bridesmaids in one spot!

Imagine every person bringing an over-night bag and setting it on the floor and then taking half of the contents out. In all reality, that’s what will probably happen. You will want enough space for everyone to spread out and have it not look cluttered.

Be sure it matches your vision for the day. If you’re not an urban person, I would recommend avoiding a trendy hotel room with lots of chrome. Maybe you want more of an urban vibe, a barn getting ready room might not be the best fit. Cozy photos are always fun, so look around on air bnb till you find something you like!

Getting Ready Space Ideas!

There’s so many great options that I’ve seen!

AirBnbs can be so reasonable these days – even cheaper than a hotel room! You’ll also ensure that you’ll have at least one bathroom, as well as a kitchen!

A hotel suite is always a classy choice! They usually have large windows, with neutral walls and always a bathroom. You could even get another room with a connecting door so you have two rooms together! My favorite hotel suite to photograph getting ready photos in is the Marchande Suite at The Surety Hotel. It’s spacious and has great light! Omaha has the perfect getting ready location in the Omaha Bridal Suite – an entire space dedicated to helping you get ready for your wedding!

At home is a great place for a couple different reasons. And is probably my favorite choice for a wedding day because it often has sentimental value. First of all, it’s a real house where people live, so if something gets forgotten or you need an extra bobby pin, theres usually extra around the house. There’s lots of plug-ins, so you can have all the curling irons running at the same time.

In the end, this is YOUR day! So if it makes you happy, go for it! Choosing the right getting ready space will set the mood for you and your girls, and set you up for your WEDDING DAY! Soak in every moment, and enjoy getting ready with your people to the fullest!

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