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Germany to Holland :: Europe Tour :: Part 3

Now that it’s around 2 years since I got back from Europe, I’m going to finish my last post about Europe.
This is the post where I throw in a few more “real camera” pictures, but after that I will share the pictures that show more of the moments and the people I hope to never forget. They aren’t the best quality, but they captured the realness rawness of our trip to Europe.

So hang with me for a bit longer while I share these last few pictures.

We did get to tour the inside of Neuschwanstien. Let me tell you, that castle was a DREAM!
I would tell you all the crazy details and all of that, but then you might not want to go yourselves, so I will refrain from spilling the juicy details, so that you want to go yourself.
“Little townnnn, it’s a quiet villaaaage.”
That’s what these two pictures remind me of… Beauty and the Beast. ┬áThere is something about the narrow cobbled streets, the vines climbing up the Hotel Reichskuchenmesiter – it just seeps disney princess town.
The End.
Not actually though!
Now I’ll let you all see the behind the scenes phone pictures! Some of these ended up being my favorites, just because of all the memories.
^^ This is us singing in Holland.

That was a day with many lasts in it. The last concert in Europe. The last time the program would ever be sung. The last “goodbye’s”, “I love you’s, and “I will miss you” to new friends. One last “see you someday,” because who knows…. Maybe I will get to see more of these people again on earth. I have already gotten to see one sweet lady who came to visit the United States, and that was such a sweet reunion.

These scene below is one that happened over and over. These are just a few of the people who welcomed us with open arms, took care of us, and loved us, and then sent us on our way with many prayers. I know the likelihood of me ever seeing them again is so low, but I still exchange emails with many of them!

These girls.

Thankfully, speaking the same language isn’t required to be friends. Sometimes, friendship comes from tickling, laughter, being around the same hight, and laughing at trying to speak each other’s language and failing… But that’s okay! Through many different words and actions, they managed to tell me that they would miss me, and the feeling is extremely mutual.

I still email back and forth with them and when a friend recently went to Germany, they sent back a card for me. I keep it in my Bible, and every time I see it, I pray for them.
My trip to Europe was incredible. And now that I’ve actually finished posting about it, I will have to start working on a post about my trip to Africa.
But that trip is still too close to my heart and describing just how much Africa changed me is impossible, so it will have to wait.
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