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Germany :: Europe Tour :: Part 2

Okay, So when I left off, We were floating down the Rhine River…I think.
This river was INCREDIBLE. Castles galore and such cute little towns situated in a straight line. This was due to the rocky hills that go steeply down into the river, not allowing much room for the towns to grow anywhere but sideways.
Our next stop was BERLIN :: GERMANY
It was decided that we would get a better experience if we walked around Berlin. We definitely got a better idea of what life is like in Europe! Most people walk or ride their bikes when they want to get somewhere.
This is the World Time Clock. It was neat watching it move and see all the different times and places around the world.
Also, there were street artists all over the place in Europe…  I saw accordion players, guitar players; some people would even bring their keyboard and play in the middle of a square.
The Brandenburg Gate was a must-see place while we were in Berlin. We also stopped to see the Berlin Wall, as well as Checkpoint Charlie. After a long day of walking around Berlin, I was thankful to have a few minutes to sit in our bus before the next concert.
*Story Time*
I was in the airport recently, and I met a older man from Berlin. It was fun to show him some of the pictures that I took in Germany and hear him say, “I know where that is!!”
It made him so happy to see someone who knew the places he knew and loved.


Ohhh my. This youth hostel was gorgeous!!
We had a little extra time on this specific day for some reason and I was making my way to breakfast (carrying my camera, as usual) when I saw a door that was opened slightly to let a breeze through the building. I walked over, took a little peak and gasped because what I saw was exactly what I imagined the Secret Garden would look like.

The walls were stucco white, and there was an arbor of blooming roses. There was a little wicker chair in one corner and the ground was cobbled. The raindrops from the night before glistened as the morning sun hit them, making it look like there were thousands of diamonds among the roses.A few minutes later, a lady came and told me to leave. I think. She said it all in German, and I assumed that was probably what she meant.

So I guess I snuck into her private garden on accident…. but it was definitely worth it.

I thought maybe…. JUST MAYBE I would be able to finish up about my Europe tour in this post, but I’m running out of room, and there are things to do today, so I will leave you one last shot.
This, my friends, is Neuschwanstein Castle.
It is often better known as the Cinderella Castle, and is nestled at the base of the Bavarian AlpsI walked around a corner in the forest and then I saw it through the trees,
and it took my breath away.
Next time, I will share some of the things that God taught me while traveling and singing with my team. They are like my family, and I made friends and memories that I pray I will never forget.
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