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Why Engagement Sessions are so Important

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Why are engagement sessions so important? Do they actually matter, and why would it matter if I have a different wedding photographer than who took my engagement pictures?

These are all totally understandable questions, so I’m here to show why they really are so important. In fact, these reasons are so important to me that I include an engagement session in every. single. one. of my wedding packages

We can form a friendship!

First off, I want to get to KNOW my couples, and I want you to know me! Because I’ll be spending more time with you on your wedding day than anyone else, it makes us both feel more comfortable if we have a friendship already!

You learn how to pose!

Next, I want you to feel comfortable with posing and how I work. None of my couples are models, so learning how to pose and going into your wedding day knowing exactly what to expect really helps ease nerves. This is also why it’s so important to have the same person taking your engagement and wedding photos. Every photographer works differently, and so, while you might be familiar with one photographer’s posing system, that doesn’t mean you’re familiar with every photographers posing system.

Lastly, Sometimes there isn’t much time for portraits on your wedding day. Things run behind and get rushed, but since you already know what we’re going to do, you just jump right back into it!

Plus, an engagement session really is just a cuddle party for two! *cue the seal scene from Finding Dory*
xoxo, Anna

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