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The Last Month in Pennsylvania :: Personal

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As some of you may have discovered, I briefly disappeared off the blogging sphere. The reason behind this has a very simple answer. I have been in Pennsylvania for the last month…without my computer.
Although I didn’t have my computer, I did have my camera. Not that I would leave to visit my niece and brand new nephew without it… 🙂
The day after I got there, I did a photo-shoot of my sister’s little family. It was agreed that we needed to do a shoot before the baby was born.
The very next day Josiah Paul was born, making me an auntie again!
The Little Miss just loves her new ‘bebe buver’
 I took plenty of baby pictures!
Whenever I have the chance, I like to practice ring photography for when I am a wedding photographer. So I borrowed my sister’s ring and took some shots.
When I left home, the leaves had just finished falling. When I arrived, their leaves were still falling, so I took even more fall pictures.
While we were there, the little Miss had her second birthday. We had so much fun with her and she loved her ‘happy birthday cakes’ which is what she calls cupcakes.
The last two days I was there we decorate for Christmas. The Little Miss loved the ‘pitty lights’
and had so much fun putting decorations on the tree.
We also dressed her up in a pretty Christmas dress. Every girl needs a pretty Christmas dress or two!
Flying out was hard because I was leaving behind my little buddies.
God gave me something to get my mind off of that though – I met a cinematographer on the plane so that kept me occupied –  playing with his camera and talking to him about photo stuff.
I made new friends, learned new things, and made wonderful memories.
Memories that I will cherish for a long, long time.
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