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I have always loved art forms other than photography. My dear family was always having to live with my art messes all over the house, but I was so busy creating that I didn’t have time to clean it up! Card making, scrapbooking, painting, you name it!

During college, I started actually practicing hand lettering. Not drawing in a lined notebook scared me, but a friend told me that I should give it a try. I did and fell it love with the way my ideas looked on paper! After some convincing by another friend, I painted a few barn wood signs as Christmas presents. They weren’t anything special, just some words in a fancy font but I was not comfortable with anything else, so I stayed in my comfort zone.

Fast-forward through a few years of life, a bit of practice, and several months of marriage; M and I were talking and I casually mentioned that it might be fun to try watercolor painting. Bright colors are some of my favorite things and black pens and white paper didn’t allow much room for that. Shortly thereafter, M tagged me in a Facebook swap post – a lady from our town was selling her brand new watercolor set! I bought it the next day and have had a grand old time experimenting since then!

Only 3 of these paintings have been created since that day – I included a few of the other pieces I have made just for fun! My favorite piece is the one I finished today – it’s the top image and says “Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.”

Someday, I’m considering selling prints, but until then, I’m just enjoying the process and slowly starting the idea of opening an Etsy shop. However, I’m at a loss as what to name it! Any recommendations?

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