The Best of 2018 :: Weddings

What. a. year.

It always astounds me how quickly a year passes, and this year was by no means any different. Matthew and I talked about it at supper last night – almost 7 months of marriage and it seems that just yesterday it was summer.

This year was one for the books! Marriage is a dream and I’m completely enjoying being my own boss. I do work part-time at a coffee shop… as a social person I do like to get out of the house at least once a day.

This year is the FIFTH year that I’ve been doing photographing couples and weddings and it still remains my FAVORITE thing in the world! This post will be a bit different than usual, but I’m thrilled to walk you through my last year in weddings.

P.S. Don’t worry, I will do a personal accounting of 2018 so you will be able to see a bit more of personal life there.

My Love. We married at a church that his grandpa helped build, and this gorgeous, white farmhouse in the background has been in his family for 3 generations.

Below, farming is a huge part of our lives, which is half of why I love this awesome picture! Hannah Acheson Photography did an amazing job on our wedding photography!


The year began with Josh & Charity’s wedding just two weeks after mine! I know that some people thought I was crazy for shooting a wedding that closely after mine, but I just couldn’t say no!

Every now and then I’ll be throwing in a ring shot that doesn’t exactly belong anywhere, I just love them so much!!

Jacque wrote Isaac a letter on their wedding day. I’m not sure who cried more… me or Isaac.


Shooting with Amelia Renee Photography is always one of my favorite things!

I’m so thankful for friendships made through photography!


Makayla Beth Photography and I got to photograph several weddings together – always so much fun!

We popped over to Minnesota for a quick weekend and then headed from there to the Iowa State Fair.

You’ll hear more about that in a different post.

Aren’t Ashley’s shoes amazing! She has such a classic style!

It only rained at one wedding this year – I’m so thankful!

I’m also quite glad that this wedding was in the same town as one of my favorite coffee shops!

Kameron bought Anna these shoes for Christmas! Aren’t they AMAZING!?

I got to work with Amelia again at this wedding…. She got soaked with Champagne in the last shot!


Scott & Madison’s wedding was a total fairytale!

Also… whenever I see Anemones I always thing of Finding Nemo…

“It’s an anenenome!”

^^ Anyone else recognize this as the “kissing rock” at Drake University?

I got to work with GG Photography! I had never shot with her before, but we

hit it off like old friends… it’s hard not to with sweet Gabi!

Can anyone tell that details are my favorite thing to photograph?

The last wedding of the year was FREEZING – But Carmen and Geoff were such troopers!!

I included the last few shots just for fun! I love having a ring of my own so when inspiration strikes I have time to set things up and play around! You’ll also get to see what our invitation suite looked like! I just had to save some for myself!






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