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Susanna and I have been trying for a while to get together. Since we are both so busy, making time in our schedules was a challenging thing. I am a student and photographer; she is a firefighter, EMT, and she likes to take pictures, too!
We found two beautiful old barns that we used. At one point, a dog came to check out what we were doing. He reminded us of a “legendary” dog (think Up).  After quoting a few lines of that movie we continued with the shoot.
Photographers rarely have any pictures of themselves taking pictures. So whenever I do a shoot with another photographer, I always try to take pictures of them doing their thing.
As we thought of places to go, I remembered a wheat field that I had used for another shoot, so we skipped over there – only to find it cut.
But we decided to use it anyway.
Normally, I don’t like having people looking towards the sun, but the clouds were just so amazing that I’m glad I risked it.
It was a perfect day to try out my 50mm 1.4, which I had just got in the mail.
I pretty much fell in love with that lens. At one point, Susanna used my camera and lens,
and I think she fell in love with it, too.
Remember I said that she is a firefighter?  Well, we decided to get pictures of her with some of  her gear.
Before the light was completely gone, we went to take some pictures of her on one of the ambulances.
I ran out into the road to take this picture, but I felt quite safe.
What you CAN’T see in this picture is the EMT’s, standing, making comments, and making sure that I knew when a car was coming… and that it was 5 blocks away.
One more quick jaunt to a hay field before the light was gone.
Climbing up the hay bales was a rather humorous experience. It involved running, jumping, failing and trying again. After a few tries, we both managed to get on the bales.
As the moon rose we finished the evening with some trick photography.
Can you say that you’ve held the moon in your hand?
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