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Whenever people talk to me about my blog, they always say, “I love the posts where you show us your life and your home!!” I LOVE hearing feedback like that – and it makes my heart so happy because showing y’all around my house is so much fun! Decorating has always been something I enjoy – and I love a good bargin – so I’ll show you all the ways I decorated my house on a budget!

My basic hacks for decorating on a budget are really quite simple.

First of all, get things on sale… ALWAYS. There are a few pieces of art that we are saving for – they have been carefully chosen, and now we are saving slowly for them. Next, go in with a budget and stick to it. I usually make a list of exactly what I need, and then I don’t deter from that list unless what is on my list isn’t on sale. Recently, I asked a friend of mine a random fact about me and she said “you never buy something unless it’s on sale.” It really is true though. Lastly, make as much as you can. Just because something is DIY doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. I am a huge fan of DIY, but there are some times when it is just cheaper to buy it instead of making it. So do your research, and choose wisely.

Baby Wreath: This one from Hobby Lobby – I used the 40% off coupon from the app.

Jars of every shape and size: garage sales, second hand stores, etc. if it’s a glass jar, I usually save it.

Curtains: White and Gray Triangle Curtains from Target. I got these for 15% off – which is about a good as Target gets.

Willow Tree Figurines: Wedding Present

Letter board: Discontinued, but this one is similar. I got it for 70% off right before our wedding because it was getting discontinued.

*please ignore how much dust there is on my shelves. We live on a dirt road and it’s a constant battle.*

Pink Flowers: Home made from this pattern. I used unbent wire hangers with floral wire for the stems. The longest part was painting them light pink and then allowing them to dry.

Lavender: again… from Hobby Lobby on 50% off sale.

White Peonies: Hobby Lobby, but they’re not online. *sad face*

Blue Chambray Tablecloth: Target. Every time you order over $35 from Target online, you get free shipping. We ordered the curtains and the tablecloth at the same time, along with a few other things so that everything had free shipping! This was also 15% off.

Wire Basket: Second hand store, this one is similar.

Gray “Be Still” sign: Gift, but I’ve seen the same one at Hobby Lobby – also is not online.

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