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Life has been changing a LOT.

I finished up at college, hung out in Washington State for a while, and now I’m back in the northland of Minnesota. While that all might sound terribly exciting, trust me, not all of it is.

Sometimes, change is not something I care too much for. While I do enjoy traveling, flying to different states or countries, and driving all over the country, I like routine. I like knowing that I have a routine to go back to once all of the traveling is over….. I guess the best way to phrase it (without sugar coating) is that I like being comfortable. I think many of us would agree that we all like the feeling of safety, and that often manifests itself in having a dependable and reliable routine.

That being said, I haven’t always had the best attitude about all of this change that has been going on.
And over the last few months God has been teaching me TONS.  I’m just going to take a moment and share the two big ones, in hopes that it can encourage you in some way. 🙂 Trust me, this won’t take long to read!

(P.S. I just had to stick some pictures in here, so for your viewing enjoyment I have chosen pictures I’ve posted on Instagram recently. 🙂


God has me right here, right now, for a specific purpose. It’s not like He said, “Oh….I haven’t figured out yet what Anna should do between graduating and going to Africa…. so I think I’ll send her to Minnesota because I’m not sure what else to do with her.”That’s not at ALL what God did. He knew that there were lesson to learn, people to meet, and the ability to grow closer to Him HERE that I would not necessarily have anywhere else. And the lessons that he is teaching me HERE are things that I can apply LATER.Ok. One down.

The next thing God has been teaching me is…
Right now you may be thinking, “Really Anna?! It took you THIS LONG to figure that out?”
…I already had that head knowledge. But applying it was/is MUCH harder.
Here’s the main thing God taught me about this…. He doesn’t want me to be content with just waiting. He wants me to be busy, and He wants me to be serving Him even when I’m “waiting” for the next big thing that He has for me.
Now, all that being said,  going to Africa is the next big thing that God has for me (that I can see). But there’s a lot of learning that has to happen before I leave. God knew that…and being completely honest…. I didn’t.
That’s why when I found out it wouldn’t work well for me to head out of Africa in February, I honestly was a pretty bummed. In my mind, I pictured me living in Africa from around February, till right before my college graduation.  At that point, I would come back to the US, walk in graduation and continue on with whatever next thing God had for me. It made perfect sense, the timeline worked. Nothing about it didn’t make sense. And through all my planning, I forgot that…
 His will is so far above mine, that there are *MANY* times when I don’t have a CLUE of what the purpose is behind something.
But God knew better. He knew I wasn’t ready, and He knew that there were a few quirks that needed to be worked out before I left. And so now, I am here.
I’m waiting, but just because I waiting DOES NOT mean that God expects me to stop serving Him.
That is a little bit of a glimpse of my life….Interspersed with random pictures from the last month and a half of life. 🙂
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