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Shoot and Share Contest :: The results

Let us rewind to last year.
There was this photo contest I had heard about.
I was too scared to enter, so I just watched and voted for my friends pictures as I saw them.
I thought this photo contest was great! It was created by photographers, but there was something just a leeettle different about this one.
For this contest, the people were the judges.
Here’s how the voting worked:
1. 4 pictures appeared on the computer screen, they were chosen completely at random. Since there were 110,000 pictures, I very rarely saw the same picture twice
2. I clicked on my favorite picture of the group of four and then I did it over and over and over again.
3. The pictures with more votes stayed while the pictures with fewer were eliminated. This went on for weeks and weeks.
I did not go into this contest with the expectation of winning or becoming a finalist. So although I did not win, becoming a finalist (with not one, but two of my pictures) was *super* exciting!
So now that the first year of college is over and I actually have a little time here and there I decided I would show you a few of my shots that I entered.
You remember Hannah from her senior session in August?
And Dakota from her senior session.
Heres another shot from Hannah’s session.
Here’s Abby from this summer.
Another one of Dakota.
This was a funny shot from Thomas and Erin’s wedding.
All the groomsmen wanted to play football with the bouquet.
This ring shot was from Scott and Rachelle’s wedding the day before I left from college.
All in all, it was a lot of fun entering and it was fun seeing how my pictures did in the contest.
And now, I’m off to try to finish a different blog post about this entire semester… We will see how far I get.
-Anna Rose


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