Savannah :: Chewelah Washington Portraits

Savannah is a very special girl.
She has the most charming personality and is so sweet. She also has the bluest eyes I have ever seen! Ice blue doesn’t even come close to describing them!
Right now she is working on making her first album and boy, can she sing! I’ll let you know as soon as it comes out!
She had quite a few ideas of what she wanted for her album cover and I gladly obliged.
In so many of these shots she was posing herself. She’s like a natural model.
But I’ll let you look for yourself and see how awesome she is!

Savannah, I had so much fun taking pictures of you!
You are beautiful on the outside, Savvy, but even more beautiful on the inside. Even though it took us months to find a date that worked, I’m glad we finally made room in our schedules, because it was just perfect.
Anna Rose

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