Rainy Summer Williamsburg IA Wedding

These two are so so special to me! Madi was the friend I told when I thought my husband was going to propose. *I was right, btw 😉 * and only 1 month later, Hubs (who was then my fiance) was the one Michael told when he was going to propose to Madi. We waited *not s0* patiently for the phone call we knew was coming!

And so it was that Madi and I ended up at the same coffee shops – wedding planning to our hearts content – but we soon realized that we couldn’t sit at the same table, or we would not get a thing accomplished.

Madi was an essential part of helping our wedding day run smoothly and Hubs and I beyond excited to be a part of their wedding.

The wedding day started off rainy, that didn’t stop Michael and Madi from enjoying it to the fullest! Madi and Michael took a few minutes of their first look to pray and thank the Lord for all that he has done in their lives.

The weather cleared up just in time for us to sneak in some bridal party photos before the ceremony!

My favorite part of their wedding was that instead of a unity candle, they put together a cross that Madi’s dad made for them. The base represented Jesus – the foundation of their marriage. The next piece, Michael put into place. It was the bottom and part of the cross piece while Madi finished its making with the rest of the cross piece and the top. No part of the cross was complete without the two other parts. And did I mention that they came up with that idea themselves?!


Shoutout to the awesome vendors!

Venue: Harvest Baptist Church

Cake: Border Fare, Harlan

Dress: June Bridals

Grooms Attire: Van Heusen

Paper Goods: Madi designed them HERSELF!

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