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Notice something different?

I do too! I have a new last name AND with the new last name, comes a few more changes. I’ve moved to a new town and updated my photography business name! (Doesn’t Anna Brace sound SO GOOD?!)

I’ll be a bit more proactive about sharing my new life and photography than I was on the old blog. I’m still the same Anna Rose, I still live in boots or bare feet. I still love cows and coffee. And I still love Jesus and photography.

New things about me that I’ve discovered in the last few weeks –

I love the ocean but I’m terrified of getting touched by a jellyfish.

Getting stuck in the barbed wire fence while the electric fence is almost touching me and a mad mother cow charges is not on my top 10 list of things to do for fun.

and last but not least – marinating chicken in Italian dressing will automatically make it good and Husband will like it. (you’re welcome 😉

Thanks for sticking with me the last few months while I’ve thrown this crazy project together!




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