Engagement Session at Ledges in Madrid, IA | Josh + Elizabeth

Ledges State Park Boone Iowa

Josh and Elizabeth’s first date was at Dunkin, which is probably one of the best places a first date ever could be! Over the next eight months, Josh and Elizabeth fell deeper and deeper in love. They started talking wedding plans, but Elizabeth was knee deep in finishing up her masters program, and her sister was gone to basic training, and Elizabeth really wanted her sister to be able to celebrate an engagement with them.

So, once Elizabeth finished her Master’s program, they started making a few plans – but Josh understood Elizabeth’s desire for her sister to be involved, so he waited till after her sister had come home to pop the question.

Josh was all ready to propose. He had the date nailed down and everything planned…when Elizabeth got sick. Two weeks later, he put all his plans into action! He brought Elizabeth to the town gazebo where there was flowers and a card waiting. He asked her to marry him, and presented her with a custom ring that used her grandmother’s stone as the main diamond.

I cannot WAIT to photograph their wedding in just a few months! It’s going to be the best day, and I already know that there’s going to be so much laughter and joy!!

Aren’t these two just the cutest? We loved exploring and walking all over and around Ledges State Park! If you want your engagement photos here, I know so many good places! Shoot me a message and we’ll start making plans!

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