Jaci // ACHS Class of 2022

Audubon Iowa Photographer

I’ve had the privilege of photographing sweet Jaci before! She won a giveaway of mine awhile back, and since she just happened to be graduating, decided to take some more photos!

She really wanted to include her little buddy, Boone, in photos because she won’t be able to keep him after leaving for college. I’m sure there’s something in dorm rules about not letting a goat live with you.

Jaci also really wanted to include cows in her photos, and you KNOW I was down for that! Her grandpa drove us out to the field and even brought some feed to sprinkle in the pasture behind us to make sure the cows were cooperating.

After that, we headed over to a park by her Grandparent’s house to finish up with some basketball photos. Jaci offered to get in the water, and so we ended the evening with that. It was such a fun session and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.

xoxo, Anna

Head over here to see photos from Jaci’s last session!

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