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Congratulations!! You’re getting married! Now you get the plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of! You might be feeling anxious or overwhelmed, but don’t worry! I’ve not only planned my own wedding, I’ve photographed more than I can count and walked alongside so many couples as they plan.

I’m here to break it all down for you – where you find your dress, what venues might be a food fit, which planner to choose – I’m here to share all I know.

Table of Contents:
How to plan an Omaha Wedding
– Omaha Wedding Planners
– Wedding Venues in Omaha
– Omaha Wedding Photographers
– Wedding Dress Shops in Omaha
– Best DJs in Omaha
– Florists in Omaha


Tips to find the perfect wedding planner

Even if you’re a natural planner and very organized, planning your own wedding can be overwhelming and stressful. Many of brides choose to set aside a certain amount to hire a wedding planner in Omaha, NE. They can really take the stress off you and are so helpful to have the week of the wedding. You won’t need to keep track of a thing if you hire a great wedding planner!

It’s important when hiring a wedding planner to look for someone you connect with, and its important that they understand your vision. Wedding planners know the industry well, and often have connections with other wedding vendors! They help you save money by shopping smart.

Some GREAT Omaha wedding planners are:

  1. Lovestruck Events
  2. Rachel J. Events
  3. Elle Seals Events

Omaha Wedding Venues

How to select the perfect wedding venue.

Selecting a venue that fits your wedding style is a crucial step, as your venue sets the tone of your wedding. Knowing WHERE you want to get married helps you narrow down which date you want to get married on, since that is heavily dependent on each venues availability.

Choosing a venue that, not only fits your style, but also fits your budget can be difficult. Thankfully, there’s so man great wedding venues in Omaha and also in the western Iowa area that finding one you like is totally possible!

To start your search, first narrow down what your vision is for your wedding. Begin by making a list of things you want in your ideal venue. Are you wanting privacy, outdoors, urban, a beautiful barn? Will your wedding be themed? Casual? Black Tie? Determine what things are not negotiable as well as things that are less important to you. Talking about a wedding venue budget is also very helpful.

Some things to think through when you’re selecting your venue are:

How many people are you hoping to invite? – Some venues are smaller, which means you might have to limit the guest list if you want a specific venue.

Will the ceremony be at a church? – If the ceremony is going to be held at a separate location, you would only be searching for a reception space.

Does the venue accommodate the needs of your guests? – You may need to have a venue that is wheelchair friendly or accommodating to physically disabled guests.

What season are you wanting to get married in? – Some venues have great spaces for summer, but not for winter, while some have a bit of each!

Some of my favorite Omaha Wedding Venues are:

  1. The Stables at Copper Ridge
  2. Palace Event Center
  3. The Cottonwood Hotel
  4. The Willow Creek Glass Chapel

Omaha Wedding Photography

How to choose a wedding photographer.

This was the hardest part of planning a wedding for me. You want to remember your wedding day forever. You know that no matter what happens, there’s moments of your day that you’ll forget about…. until you see your photos – that is. A professional wedding photographer captures your big day in a way that doesn’t let you forget those moments. The tears, the laughter, the hugs, and kisses – it’s all so important.

When choosing a photographer, one thing is the MOST important. Make sure you connect with them – their style, and as a human. They’ll be with you on your wedding day more than any other person, so it’s important to feel comfortable with them so they can capture you and your Love.

This is also why I recommend always having an engagement session with your wedding photographer. Then, you’ll have met them and have formed a friendship with them before your wedding day. Every photographer works differently, so you’ll also feel much more comfortable in front of the camera if you know what to expect.

Another thing I suggest is always arranging a meeting or video chat with your photographer before you book or sign any contract. It’s so important that you feel comfortable with them because, ultimately, you’ll be entrusting your most precious memories to them.

I’ve written an article about how much to invest in a wedding photographer. That’s a great place to start when it comes to determining your photography budget.

Shameless plug – I would love to talk with you about photographing your day! You can see what the entire experience looks like here.


Tips for finding your wedding dress

This is another important part of your day – arguably, one of the most important parts. There are SO many great shops in the Omaha area, so never fear, you will be able to find a dress that you love.

Begin your search early – around a year before your wedding date, if possible. Gowns that require alterations and customizations can take up to 9 months to be finished. You can get it rush delivered, but there’s always fees involved.

Select a realistic budget that works with your budget as a whole. This will make shopping for wedding dresses in Omaha so much easier. If you’re looking to save money and time, consider buying an off-rack dress.

Bridal gowns fall into several, very broad categories. Ball gown, empire, A-line, sheath, fit-and-flare, and mermaid. Narrow it down to a few of your favorite silhouettes, but also stay open to trying on something outside your comfort zone – you may just love it! Other things to think through are sleeve length and neckline.

When trying on dresses, be sure to move around in them. You’ll need to be able to walk, sit, and dance in your wedding gown. If you don’t LOVE it, go on to the next one. You deserve to feel beautiful and confident in your wedding dress – so keep in mind that no one else can choose it for you. If you don’t want to take it off, you’ve probably found the right one.

Some of the best wedding dress shops in Omaha are:

  1. Rhylan Lang
  2. Sample and Soiree
  3. Arc Bridal
  4. Ready or Knot Wedding Chic


Selecting the right DJ for your wedding

Wanting a fun party to end the night? Or maybe you’re just looking for someone to provide background music, microphones, and speakers for your day – either way, hiring the right DJ ensures that everything goes smoothly and that your experience is seamless with no technical difficulties.

When choosing a DJ, make a list of your favorite DJs and interview them. As them about their equipment, about their music library – ensure that their music collection has every style of music you’re looking for.

It might tempting to just hire a friend and have them run spotify, but just because someone has a laptop doesn’t mean they’re qualified to set the entire mood of your wedding reception. No matter what you do, make sure that your have a contract that spells out everything.

One thing that can greatly enhance the mood of your reception is uplighting! Venues that have uplighting have such an elevated look and greatly improves the reception photos from your photographer!

My Favorite DJ in the Omaha area is Chaos Productions.

Wedding Florists in Omaha

How to find the perfect florist for your omaha wedding

Your wedding flowers are mostly just a matter of preference and narrowing down what colors you want in your bouquet. A wedding florist in Omaha can help you find inspiration for your bouquets, centerpieces, and any other floral needs you have.

First off, decide your budget. You’ve heard me say this frequently, but flowers end up being a chunk of your overall budget. Once you know how much you can spend, start looking for inspiration! If you have a certain flower in mind that is outside your budget, your florist may know of an inexpensive alternative.

If you’re not too set on one specific thing, a wedding florist in omaha can create something for you that matches your wedding flowers and is in the correct season. Keep in mind that you want your floral table arrangements to belong. If you’re getting married in a rustic barn, hundreds of red or white roses might not be the best fit, while wildflowers would fit perfectly!

Keep in mind that many things can be used in multiple ways. Bridesmaids bouquets can be set on head tables. The flower arrangements on your arch can also sit on a table or by your cake for an extra pop!

When meeting with a florist, bring inspiration boards of your wedding and dress swatches so they can design a customized bouquet that matches your day.

Here’s some amazing florists in Omaha, NE:

  1. Loess Hills Florals
  2. Lavish Flower Design
  3. Tied + True
  4. Ethereal – A Floral Studio

The short of it is, there’s a lot to planning an Omaha Wedding – venues, photographers, djs, food, and flowers. Hopefully, this has been helpful for you as you think through all the vendors you need for your wedding.

If you’re interested in seeing if I’ve available for your wedding day or have some other questions about Omaha wedding planning, head over here and reach out to me!

I’ve also put together this handy VENDOR GUIDE full of vendors that I love.

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