Hannah :: Washington Snowy Portraits

Looking back, I guess part of it was my fault…
Not that I was driving the Prius, but I definitely did say that we should try to make it up the mountain.
And it went really well…. for the first 20 feet. At that point, our progress slowed slightly. When I say slightly, I mean that we stopped. completely. After trying again and again we decided to face our fate.
We were REALLY stuck.
We struggled for the first 20 minutes until finally deciding that calling my brother to pull us out was probably going to be the best course of action. Unfortunately, we forgot that Prius’s don’t really have much metal with which to attach a strap to… So it ended up that pulling us out turned into digging us out. Man! I got myself one great Big Bro!
Don’t worry tho, I thanked him later on by making Blueberry Coffee Cake.
Back to the story!
That was the beginning of Hannah’s photo shoot. I had a few days at home so I contacted another local photographer (shoutout to Dakota) and she let me tag along on this photoshoot.
I can’t remember a photoshoot being quite this exciting…. except for the one engagement session that involved a flat tire and a lost cell phone.
But that’s another story.
Anywho! So I’m off to finish editing a few other pictures. Enjoy!
Hannah, twas quite a pleasure getting stuck with you.
Let’s do it again sometime!
(Minus the getting stuck part. 😉
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