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Exploring Omaha :: Anniversary Trip

For our anniversary, we decided to make a day of it and go to several of the places we had heard about in Omaha. We live quite close, only an hour away, but other than random Target trips, we hadn’t done much site seeing. There’s a few places left on our checklist, and I’m sure we’ll go there eventually, but here’s a small glimpse at our time in Omaha.

We started out visiting Archetype Coffee. They were recently announced as the best coffee in Nebraska – you can read more about that here, so I was excited to try their coffee! The place was so busy, very few seats were open, which was a great sign of a thriving place with good coffee.

Our next stop was the Henry Doorly Zoo. One thing we learned is that there is a difference on Google Maps between the “Henry Doorly Zoo” and the “Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.” The first leads down a sketchy road that has “No admittance” signs…. while the second is the actual zoo.

According to my phone, we walked around 7 miles inside the zoo, which is totally believable – there was so much to see! I was excited to see the aquarium – and I loved it so much that I made Matthew go through it twice. Matthew’s favorite was the desert dome. They had waterfalls and rivers and bridges everywhere and one almost didn’t know where to look.

We made a stop at Scheels and that mostly concluded our explorations. All in all, it was quite a fun trip! We decided that it we ever go back to the zoo, we will go later in the summer. Because it was so cold, many of the animals weren’t in their cages, which was a little disappointing.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little look at what Omaha is like! You should definitely go play tourist in your town sometime.



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