Surprise Des Moines Proposal Adventure Session


“So I was thinking, could you could ask Laura to go on a friend date. Maybe ask her to show you our bridge and then I would walk up behind her and propose?”

I got a text like this just a few days before Evan wanted to propose. I was COMPLETELY on board with the whole thing. Next to weddings, proposals are my favorite thing to photograph. I love the element of surprise, the tears, all of it.

Evan and I worked through all the details and a few weeks later I was picked up Laura for our “friend date.” I brought along my camera and told her that I wanted to take pictures of a red bridge I had seen on Instagram.

She said, “Wait, I think that’s our bride. I’ll show you how to get there!” She directed me while I tried to act casual. After-the-fact, Laura told me that she wondered if Evan was going to propose, but I acted so casual so she figured she was wrong. Laura is one of my dearest and closest friends and I was shocked that she didn’t see right through my little facade.

We arrived at the pre-decided time and proceeded to wander and take photos. I made her model for me and in the middle of that… who should walk up…but Evan.

And the rest is history.


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