Dakota :: Chewelah Washington Portraits

It was an early morning when Dakota and I headed out to take some pictures of each other.
Our misty morning shoot was finally happening.
Earlier that week we were on the phone talking about what days worked and what time of day we should meet up. Then Dakota said it:
What if we did our shoot in the morning? We’ve had a lot of mist recently, that could be cool!”
As soon as she the words were out of her mouth my mind was shouting “Yes, YES! YES!!”
That is why  at eight in the morning, Dakota and I were standing in a little grove of trees, shivering and taking pictures of one another.
Even though, at times, it was hard to work our camera dials because our hands were so cold, every minute was worth it.
Especially that 5 minuet segment when we realized we were looking at a raccoon, trying to sleep in the tree directly above our heads.
There’s our little friend! We named him Thor. 🙂
Dakota, I hope you love these! You will forever be my photographer buddy. I love how our phone conversations start out with just a quick little “I wanted to tell you…” and turn into what could be never ending conversations. Thanks for laughing with me and making new memories. Even though we are both seniors now *sniff* I remember our first photo-shoot together – just a few months after we had met and only a few weeks after we had gotten our cameras. 3 years goes by so quickly.
Thanks for all the good times, buddy!
Daring Greatly,
Anna Rose

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