Christmas Home Tour :: 2018

A few weeks ago, I asked my instagram followers what they were most interested in seeing and they all said one thing: they wanted to see more home decorations about DIY projects! This is my first Christmas having a home, so I kept the decorations very minimal. Over the next few years I’ll work on expanding my collection. Eventually I’ll have enough Christmas decorations to decorate the whole house – not just the living and dining room. 🙂

Finding cute and cozy house decor is a hobby of mine  – the means lots of pillows and blankets and things along those lines. Unfortunately, those things can get pretty expensive. So far, I only have one decorative pillow and a couple blankets, but it takes lots of patience to get good deals.

I’ll include a few links to where I found some things. Many of these were gifts, I made, or are no longer available, so not everything will get a link.

I took twine and strung it on the cabinets to hang Christmas mail on – we LOVE being able to see all the pretty cards!

I bought everything for this wreath at Hobby Lobby.

They’re pre-put-together wreaths were $80+ so I waited till they had Christmas decor 50% off, bought a cheap pine wreath, pinecone sprays, and topped it off with a cute burlap bow!

I looked all over Hobby Lobby’s website, but I couldn’t find a thing I used to make this.

You’ll see these cute little bottle brush trees popping up here and there. I got those from Hobby Lobby in a set of 9. They’re the perfect addition to shelves and coffee tables!

I got this letter board for our wedding – and Target doesn’t carry it anymore. This is the closest board that Target has now.

These stars are super easy to make. You make two stars and then hot glue them together. I made them in two different sizes and they’re hung all over our house!

I made salt dough star garlands, popcorn garlands, and cranberry garlands to hang on our tree. It is a gorgeous, simple tree and it couldn’t be more perfect.

Growing up, Matthew and his brothers always fought over who would get to put the red corvette ornament on the tree. I found a little red corvette ornament on amazon and I let him open it when we put up the tree. He LOVED it and now it is in the place of honor* on the tree.

*place of honor = front and center

This Willow Tree Couple is one of my favorite decorations in our home. I love the simplicity of the shelf that it is on too!

On a random note, it is usually FAR cheaper to buy table runners than make them. That being said, I bought this one at Hobby Lobby. They also don’t have it on their website.

This pillow, frame, and bottle brushes are from Hobby Lobby and the Candle is from Anthropologie. The vintage camera is from a garage sale. Everything else I’ve collected over the years.

I really enjoy making up snowflake patters, so I adorned our sliding glass door with many different sizes of snowflakes.

I have plans to visit Home Goods, Pottery Barn, and World Market after Christmas to dig through the sales. Those stores are a decent drive away, so I’m being patient until everything goes on sale. I hope you enjoyed my little home tour – what else would you like to see?

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