Campanile ISU Engagement Photos // Tanner + Emmaleah

I’m about to share something crazy with you. These photos were taken when it was about 35 degrees and windy outside. Crazy, huh! Tanner and Emmaleah never even made it look chilly!

I had so much fun getting to spend the evening with these two a couple weeks back! The Campanile at the Iowa State University campus was the PERFECT choice for their engagement session because that’s where Tanner proposed!

Emma and her friend were going to get some chicken and waffles for supper, but then Tanner’s scavenger hunt began, so the girls got sidetracked. The scavenger hunt let Emma to the Campanile, where Tanner was waiting for her. Tanner had even planned an engagement party and had even arranged for her family to be there!

Seriously though, Tanner and Emmaleah, I cannot wait for your wedding! I loved spending the evening with you and getting to know you better was so special to me!
xoxo, Anna

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