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This January, I flew out to California to photograph a wedding – and the whole trip was so needed. Iowa winters get long and cold and dark, and it’s easy to feel claustrophobic when leaving the house happens so rarely. Few things inspire me the way traveling does. It gives me a re-engergized desired to photograph things for the fun of it – which doesn’t happen much at home.

Since I already had to fly out, I decided stay a little longer and spend some quality time with my sister – which was much overdo!

There were multiple trips to different beached, we drove over to Sonoma County to go to the wedding and see the sights, and we drank some good coffee along the way! *I’m looking at you Zebra House Coffee* I will admit, I’m a little biased when it comes to coffee and I believe that anything on the west coast just tastes better – maybe it’s the mountains or the ocean, maybe it’s just all in my brain. 😀

We packed so much into such a short amount of time, but one of the highlights of our trip was climbing First Sergeants Hill on Camp Pendleton! It was a hard hike, but well worth it once we got to the top, as you’ll see. The solders have built their own memorial. I can’t sum up what it was like in words, so go look at the photos.

The Pier at San Clemente was also a highlight. I love being by the ocean – it always feels and smells like home. We saw what we can only assume were whales playing in the waves. They were far too big to be dolphins or seals, so unless I learn any different, I’ll just assume they were whales. 😀

I hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

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