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Behind the Scenes | 2021

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My behind the scenes blog post. The hardest one to write, and yet somehow, the most popular. I get it though – I always love seeing other photographer’s behind the scenes… seeing how they do things and angles they get is fascinating to me.

This last year, I photographed weddings or sessions in California, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota, and South Carolina, while doing the majority of sessions + weddings in Nebraska and Iowa. I drove to 2 hours to Des Moines 2-3 times a week for most of September and October, and put more miles on my car than I ever thought possible for business.

2021 was such a fun, learning year for my business. I hit some exiting goals and started photographing senior portraits again! We had an exceptionally busy year for harvest, so I learned how to add farming to the balance of normal work/life and was so, so grateful when we came out on the other side.

Anyways, hopefully you enjoy these few behind the scenes pictures of what it looks like to photograph weddings + portraits. Maybe someday I should include behind the scenes of hours and hours of sitting at a computer to edit – although I don’t think that would be quite as interesting. 🙂

Details shots from a woodsy California wedding. I always love putting together flat lays of the details.

I always bring a stool with me, but it doesn’t always give me enough hight for the right angle.

While sometimes I need to stand on a stool, other times, laying on the ground is the only way to capture the sunset behind a couple. And when there’s a gorgeous sunset at a wedding, it should always be documented.

Matthew came with me to a few sessions this year, and took many of these behind the scenes photos.

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