Behind the Scenes : : 2018

You may be thinking, “Anna, 2018 was 2 months ago…” and I fully realize that. But I also know that this is one of my FAVORITE blog posts to see from other photographers! I think it’s such a fun idea! I get so many questions about what I actually do on the wedding day and you’ll get to see some of that side of things!

So here’s a little behind the scenes action of what life was like last year. It doesn’t show the hours of editing, responding to emails, client meetings, etc, but it does show just a little glimpse into what the photography side of business is like!

I had weddings in 3 different states last year and it was so much fun getting to road-trip almost every weekend! My furthest wedding was down by St. Louis in Illinois – that was an exciting trip! My air conditioner gave out on my car half way home…. and it was SO HOT for September. My favorite moment to photograph this year was when one of my closest friends got engaged and I got to photograph the whole thing! I cried so many happy tears that day!

Anywho – I dearly hope you enjoy all these photos!

xoxo, Anna

P.S Thanks to all the photographers who took these photos of me.

P.P.S Thanks to coffee for fueling every wedding day. <3


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