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We’ve all heard it said – there’s no place like home… and that is more than true.

I’ve glanced at the house on top of the hill hundreds of times but never once dreamed that it would belong to me someday.

The Boy had promised Daddy that he would own a house before he asked to marry me. A year went by and I knew he had looked at houses but nothing was a good fit for us. House shopping came to an abrupt halt with phone call inquiring if the neighbors down the lane would be interested in the house next door.

And so it happened that one November day, he brought me to “borrow something from the neighbors,” and I unknowingly stepped into a house that would be our home in less than 7 months. Needless to say, I was confused why the owners of the home were showing us the around their home and telling us things like, “the appliances come with the place.”  I looked to Farmer Boy only to see him failing to hide a smile.

“Do you like the house?” The owner asked me, laughing.

I nodded my head while staring with utter confusion at The Boy. He smirked and informed me that he hoped I liked it because he had just bought the place. I saw deep joy filling his eyes as I watched him survey the rooms – asking bucket loads of questions and taking a deep interest in his new place.

Fast-forward to July, and we have been married for 2 months. He proposed a few days after the house was purchased and we decided May 12 was a good day to get hitched and begin the adventure of marriage.

Stick around and I will show you some of my favorite places here – and maybe even some wedding photos by Hannah Acheson. But until then, here’s a sneak peek of our home on the hill.



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