Ashlee // Denison Iowa Photography

Denison Iowa Portrait Photography

Y’all, this is such a fun shoot! It was at a local Christmas tree farm, because – let’s be honest – Iowa isn’t too pretty in the winter without snow. 😀

Meet Ashlee. She is another photographer in my area – so naturally, we talked on Instagram for months before we actually worked out a time to meet face to face.

And of course, the day we chose to meet up ended up being a day so cold that we could barely feel out fingers! We were only together for 30 minutes, but I already know that Ashlee and I are going to have many more headshot swaps and other friendship related things in our future.

Ashlee, I had so much fun meeting you! You’re a total gem and I LOVE watching you rock your business! I cannot wait to get to know you better!

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