Alexia // Carroll Iowa Senior Photos

Coon Rapids Portrait Photographer

Alexia is such a sweet soul! She brought me to just a few of her favorite locations – and I can totally see why she enjoys going to them. We did almost get attacked by a llama thought, so that was a little terrifying. We were walking toward a pasture with some sheep in it, talking about how it kind of looked like europe, when all of a sudden, a llama comes sprinting across the pasture to protect his herd. We avoided the pasture after that, but the llama was VERY aware of us after that!

The last spot we went was GORGEOUS! This girl is such a trooper too. She waded through the water to get to some cool rocks in the water, while I scrambled along the creek in mud boots before joining her in the water. I knew there was a reason I’d been keeping those boots in my car for years! Anyways – enjoy these fun photos!

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